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Vector leads the way in residential energy storage and has made the largest order of Tesla Powerwalls in the Southern Hemisphere. Vector has embarked on a program to install, own and maintain solar and energy storage systems on over 1,000 sites across Auckland, New Zealand.

We can partner with businesses to develop virtual power stations that require residential solar and energy storage solutions. From 50 to over 1000 sites integrating Tesla Powerwalls as a retrofit to existing solar systems or in combination with new solar systems.

Vector is creating a new energy future with new technologies that allow businesses to take control and utilise power for demand response and have partnered with Power Ledger to trial peer-to-peer trading capabilities.

Vector Energy can finance, supply, install, control and maintain decentralised residential energy storage infrastructure. Partnering with utility companies, property developers, new land subdivisions and communities to provide end-to-end solutions that will help reduce infrastructure costs and increase renewable penetration.

Tesla Powerwall can support load shifting, peak shaving, demand reduction and backup power supply which can provide energy cost savings and benefits for residents.

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