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Tesla Powerpack brings efficient, scalable, modular power within reach of almost any business.

Tesla Powerpack is an advanced energy storage solution based on lithium-ion battery technology. It's an AC-connected energy storage system that includes the batteries, inverter and battery management system. This design dramatically simplifies installation, integration and future support, offering system-wide benefits which outweigh those of stand-alone batteries.

Conventional battery solutions require a building or container to house the solution as well as expensive air conditioning and ventilation systems. Designed for outdoor use, Tesla Powerpack eliminates these traditional components and excludes ongoing operating and maintenance costs of such systems, benefiting your business in the long-run.

Tesla Powerpack can be scaled to provide from 50kW to over 50MW energy storage solutions, designed for businesses to:

  • Maximise consumption of on-site renewable generation
  • Reduce peak demand charges
  • Buy electricity when it's cheapest
  • Back up critical business operations in the event of a power outage
  • Integrate into a microgrid environment
  • Enable surplus power to be sold to utility or intermediate service providers (if available)
  • Provide demand response
  • For network operators, use energy storage as network support to defer or eliminate costly upgrades

To learn more click here to read the technical specifications.

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