Vector Lights, on the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge, is part of a smart energy partnership between Vector and Auckland Council in collaboration with the NZ Transport Agency.

Vector Lights demonstrates that there is a smarter way to power Auckland by using smart energy technology to showcase Auckland as a dynamic world class city.

Vector Lights will celebrate international & local events, national holidays, cultural celebrations, charities and act as a symbol of global respect or solidarity.

The public are welcome to contact us to request lighting for a specific cause, event or occasion. Requests should be made in writing and submitted to at least three months prior to the first day of the lighting request.

Vector and Auckland Council will consider all requests in their absolute discretion and contact you in writing to advise whether your request can be fulfilled.

As a general guideline, we may agree to activate Vector Lights for any of the following reasons:

  • For events, community initiatives or charities that Vector, Auckland Council or NZTA support

  • To mark a special event, milestone or celebration

  • For a public holiday or recognised anniversary

  • As a symbol of respect or solidarity with other global landmarks


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We have installed and integrated one of the largest energy storage solutions in the Southern Hemisphere utilising the Tesla Powerpack